From-Scratch Female Head (Commercial License)

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From-Scratch Female Head (Commercial License)

★ kri ★
365 ratings

★·.· I HAVE MOVED TO SELLFY! https://krinuts.sellfy.store/p/anime-head-v1/ ·.·★

(discord is now kri#1214, and server is discord.gg/krivr ) 
★·.· 7,178 faces - 4 materials (Face, Left Eye, Right Eye, Blush/tears) - 44 custom shape keys - Rigged - Eye Tracking/Visemes

★·.· Comes with two different heads (OG and Soft), four different face textures (normal, Zero Two, soft, and grunge smokey makeup), Emission map (for Eyes, Heart, Eyeshine), Mask for Glitter/Specular Reflection


★·.· May be used on public and for-sale models, HOWEVER, you MUST credit me if you use. Credit by linking to this Gumroad as well as adding a note such as ( You may not sell any model without buying the original head made by kri#1214. )

★·.· Do not share with anyone or redistribute in any way. This includes using the head (OR ANY OTHER PAID ASSETS) on a FREE model (nitro models are free models as well).

(If you are having trouble paying through Gumroad, you may also purchase from me directly through DM on discord! )

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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